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Welcome to the Committee

The Committee is elected each year at the AGM which is usually in the Spring. However, to support the committee we are always looking for volunteers to help with the tasks involved in running the Club, everything from taking minutes and helping out at events to updating the website and, more obviously, coaching and officiating. 

The Club is committed to supporting volunteers and will assist in any training and development needed – volunteering is very rewarding and the Club will help with your development to make it even more enjoyable. Most Committee members are, or have been, parents of young athletes in the Club and/or athletes themselves so please don’t feel that you will not have the necessary skills to offer – you definitely will, and the club will help you develop should you wish. If you think you could spare a few hours or perhaps more and you’d like to get involved just speak to one of the committee members or coaches.

Committee Membership as of 17th January 2018

Chairman: Paul Baxter
Vice Chairman: Don McMillan
Treasurer: Mike Raynes
Secretary: Jonathan Sewell
Membership Secretary: Paul Goble
Disability Representative: Hannah Reeder
Welfare Officer: Joanne McPherson
Committee Members: TBC

York Schools Network

As part of our continuing vision of raising the awareness of athletics in the community and more specifically our assumed duty of pro-actively engaging with the schools networks, the Club gives a direct grant to the York Schools Network. This is detailed in the above plan but essentially it enables the Network to deliver athletics taster sessions direct to schools and also signpost young athletes to the Club. The grant we give to the network fulfils a large part of the commitment we (willingly) gave to the City of York Council as part of the agreements for the new stadium and is also a transparent use of the grant monies the Club received from the Council at that time. The various committees over a number of years have reviewed this arrangement annually and remain convinced that it is an important part of the Club’s role in the community.

The Network (not the Club) engages and pays the coach delivering the schools sessions but as part of the agreement the Club has specified that the coach must be an active volunteer and that both the Network and Club must agree on the coach/coaches. In accordance with the agreement, the Network also pays the coach to attend agreed club nights and act as a visible link between the schools sessions and the Club.

The York School Sports Network Development plan for 2017 – 2020 is documented here

Committee Meetings / Reports

17th January 2018: COYAC COMMITTEE MEETING 17.01.18
January 2018: FROM THE CHAIR – JANUARY 2018
November 2017: IN THE CHAIR – NOVEMBER 2017
8th November 2017: EGM, EGM minutes
17th July 2017: Minutes of 17 July 2017
21st June 2017: Minutes of 21 June 2017
27th March 2017:
Minutes of 27 March 2017
CDO school figures (1)
Membership & Website Report – 17Mar2017

AGM – 27th February 2017

2017 AGM Minutes
Club Development Officer Report Jan15 – Sep16
Final I&E and BS 2016

AGM – 7th August 2015

AGM Notice 2015
2015 AGM Minutes

AGM – 24th March 2014

2014 AGM Minutes
Final I&E and BS 2014

AGM – 30th April 2013

2013 AGM chairmans address
2013 AGM Minutes

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